Patrick Robinson needed rough first stint with Saints

When the Saints drafted Patrick Robinson with the 32nd pick of the 2010 draft, the idea was that he’d become a fixture in their secondary for years to come.

It didn’t work out that way, however. Robinson spent one season as a full-time starter, missed time with injuries and generally failed to meet the expectations he carried into the league. Robinson left the Saints in 2015, spent time with the Chargers and Colts and then flourished as a slot corner with the Eagles last year.

I just want to get back in the ring. Whatever show it is, I just want another opportunity to fight. Man, I’m having the time of my life and really enjoying it.

On awarding Hardy a contract, UFC president Dana White said: This is strange, when you look at a guy like Hardy, he has no experience, tonight was his first professional fight, but man can he punch and obviously there’s a lot more to that guy.

So what we’re going to do is bring Hardy in. This guy needs to get some more experience and we’ll figure out how to do that.

Watching Hardy’s fight, White was clearly impressed with what he saw.

Roethlisberger, a father of three children ages two through six, admitted that his kids won’t be permitted to play full contact football until fifth grade if they take an interest in the sport.

I think early on, you need to teach the fundamentals of football — how to properly tackle, how to properly hit, throw and catch, all those things, he added. When you learn those things early, then when football becomes what football is supposed to be, the kids are better prepared for it.

It was scary, but at the end of the day, I was still breathing. … I needed the faith of a mustard seed, and we’ll be all right, he said with a chuckle.

If there is any justice, he will be the face of a franchise again. The Jets drafted Sam Darnold to be their face. So maybe this is just a $500,000 stepping stone to another franchise for Bridgewater.

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