The Giants hold bragging rights over the Jets in the popular Madden 19 video game.

But that’s the only team over which the Giants have an advantage.

The Giants received an overall team rating of 73, which is one point higher than the Jets, who are a NFL-worst 72, according to multiple reports. The Cardinals are tied with the Giants near the bottom.

The disrespect for the Giants and Cardinals is interesting considering NJ Advance Media’s research shows those two teams both have more top-end talent than other teams projected to endure long 2018 seasons such as the Colts, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bears and Buccaneers.

The Giants are a slightly better defensive team (77) than offensive team (75).

Team and individual ratings are subject to change and often do change even during the season because of live update features through internet connections.

Of course, this means absolutely nothing on the actual NFL field. Just food for thought.

And while they’re still searching for a linchpin running back, they have four intriguing options this summer in rookie second-round pick Kerryon Johnson, exceptional pass-catching back Theo Riddick, veteran free-agent addition LeGarrette Blount and 2017 team rushing leader Ameer Abdullah.

The risk is the Lions are all quantity and limited quality, but the receiving corps is still above average. If one or two of those backs/tight ends has a big year, this could become a top-10 supporting cast, rather than just one we think about as the scraps from the Calvin Johnson era that ended too abruptly. 

A post-Father’s Day quote below from Detroit wide receiver Marvin Jones, via Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. I love the imagery, the humor and the humanity of it. Many people see NFL players as robots; they are not.

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