Ex-Texans Cheerleader Says She Was Duct Taped for Being ‘Skinny Fat’

A sixth former Texans cheerleader is suing the team, claiming that she was body shamed, according to NBC News.

In a press conference on Friday, Angelina Rosa claimed that her skin was duct taped without her consent because she was considered skinny fat by her coach.

Rosa described how her coach once asked her to stay behind when her teammates went out to the field and then threatened to cut her from the team. Suddenly, a group of alumni and her coach used tape with the Texans logo on it to pull her skin tight. They told her it would hurt a little.

My skin was being torn because of the movements, Rosa said. She also said her skin got sweaty and irritated under the tape.

So I hand the phone to Dennis, and I say. President Clinton is on the line. He wants to talk to you. He smiled for the first time all day. I got as close as I could so I could hear everything they said, and [Clinton] said Dennis? Dennis? This is President Clinton … and he just went on to tell Dennis he was so sorry about the team and that they hung in there. He gave him some really great words that were so, so perfect to hear in that situation, after losing a game like that. That’s something really remarkable about that night that I will never forget.

He’s the type of guy who’s highly conditioned over a 12-month calendar, Tomlin said.

One way or another, we’ll know by tomorrow afternoon whether Bell is with the Steelers in the long term, or whether he’s going to hit free agency in March.

But Schnatter did use it, and he doesn’t deny that he used it. Even though he says he never uses it.

Meiners (who did a very good job asking a wide variety of probing questions during the 28-minute session) asked Schnatter if he was duped by the people who set up the training session, and whether there was something nefarious at work. In response, Schnatter didn’t specifically say that he’d been set up in advance, but he made it clear that he believes the firm leaked the story to Forbes.com after losing its relationship with Papa John’s. (According to the original item from Forbes.com, the Casey Wasserman-owned firm known as Laundry Service parted ways with Papa John’s, due to Schnatter’s comments during the conference call.)

At one point, Meiners directly posed to Schnatter the most obvious question about this entire debacle: Why wouldn’t you have said, ‘I think that Colonel Sanders used the ‘N’ word’ instead of actually saying the word?

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